II Ukrainian - Polish - Lithuanian Meeting 
on Ferroelectrics Physics
First announcement
2nd Ukrainian–Polish–Lithuanian Meeting 
on Ferroelectrics Physics

09-13 September, 2012
Lviv, Ukraine

Organised by Institute of Physical Optics of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine
The 2nd Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian Meeting on Ferroelectrics Physics is one of the meetings devoted to physics of ferroelectrics, which have earlier been carried out in Lviv (1990), Wroclaw (1992), Uzhgorod (1994), Kudowa Zdroj (1996), Dnipropetrovsk (1998), Krakow (2000), Uzhgorod-Synjak (2002), Ustron-Zdroj (2004), Lviv (2006), Przesieka (2009) and Taujenai (2010). The last trilateral Lithuanian-Ukrainian-Polish Meeting was a logical development of earlier bilateral Ukrainian-Polish conferences on the Ferroelectrics Physics.

The programme covers contemporary fundamental studies and applications in the fields of ferroelectricity and related materials, including:
• phase transitions
• ferroelectrics, antiferroelectrics, ferroelastics
• theoretical aspects
• dielectric properties and relaxation
• spectroscopic studies
• optical properties and nonlinear phenomena
• domains and defects
• incommensurate phases
• ferroelectric ceramics and thin films
• ferroelectric liquid crystals
• ferroelectrics applications

Official language of the Conference is English.

Date of Conference
September 10–13, 2012, Lviv, Ukraine

Venue and Location: The conference will be held in the vicinity of Lviv. The city of Lviv has been founded in 1256 by the Ruthenian King Danylo Halytskyi of the Halych-Volhynia principality, and named in honour of his son, Lev. Being a city which currently serves as an administrative centre of the Lviv Region and the historical centre of Western Ukraine, Lviv is regarded as one of the main cultural and scientific centres of today's Ukraine. The city has many industries and institutions of higher education. Lviv is also a home to many world-class cultural institutions, including a philharmonic orchestra and the famous Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The historic city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lviv has celebrated its 750th anniversary in September, 2006.

Honorary Chairmen of the Conference
I.  V. Stasyuk (Lviv, Ukraine), Z. Czapla (Wroclaw, Poland), and J. Grigas (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Organising and Scientific Programme Committee:
• Vlokh R.O. (Lviv, Ukraine) - chairman
• Banys J. (Vilnius, Lithuania) 
• Cach R. (Wrocław, Poland)
• Czapla Z. (Wroclaw, Poland),
• Dec J. (Katowice, Poland)
• Glinczuk M.D. (Kyiv, Ukraine)
• Grabar A.A. (Uzhgorod, Ukraine)
• Grigalaitis R. (Vilnius, Lithuania)
• Grigas J. (Vilnius, Lithuania)
• Kharchenko M.F. (Kharkiv, Ukraine) 
• Roleder K. (Katowice, Poland)
• Poprawski R. (Wrocław, Poland)
• Stasyuk I. V. (Lviv, Ukraine),
• Trubitsyn M.P. (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) 
• Vysochanskii Yu.M. (Uzhgorod, Ukraine)

Local Organising Committee:
• Skab I.P. - chairman
• Dudok T.G.
• Klymiv I.M.
• Kostyrko M.Ye.
• Krupych O.M.
• Savaryn V.I.
• Vasylkiv Yu.V.

Abstracts should be prepared in a camera-ready form (font size 12 pt, Times New Roman), within one page limited to 16x24 cm2. They should include a title (in capital), authors’ names, an affiliation and addresses (centred), a main text, and references. The name of the presenting author must be underlined. All of the margins are 3 cm. Please, send your abstract to the Organising Committee via e-mail: upl_mfp@ifo.lviv.ua. The abstracts will be placed in the conference booklet.

The contributions include invited talks (30–40 min), oral contributions (20–30 min), and posters (each registered participant can present up to two reports).

Registration forms and abstracts should be sent before March 1, 2012
The deadline of registration and abstracts submission is prolonged to March 15, 2012

Address: Institute of Physical Optics, 23 Dragomanov St., 79005 Lviv, Ukraine 
E-mail: upl_mfp@ifo.lviv.ua
Website: http://www.ifo.lviv.ua/linstitute/meeting/2012/upl_2012.html
Phone: +38 (032)2611488; Fax: +38(032)2611483.