Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  1, Volume 16,  2015)

Behaviour of topological defects of optical indicatrix orientation in cubic, hexagonal, trigonal and tetragonal crystals under conically distributed electric field. 
2. The electric field and the optical beam parallel to the principal crystallographic directions

Vasylkiv Yu., Kryvyy T., Skab I. and Vlokh R.

Wide-slit diffraction and wavefront diagnostics of optical-vortex beamseld

Bekshaev A. Ya., Kurka I. A., Mohammed K. A. and Slobodeniuk I. I. 

The influence of structural defects on the optical properties of synthetic opals

Yevchik A., Moiseyenko V. and Dergachov M.

A Q-switched fibre laser operating in the 2 m region based on nonlinear polarization rotation technique

Azooz S. M., Harun S. W., Ahmad H., Halder A., Paul M. C., Das S. and Bhadra S. K.

Anisotropy of acoustooptic figure of merit for TeO2 crystals. 2. Anisotropic diffraction

Mys O., Kostyrko M., Krupych O. and Vlokh R.

Measurements of ozone absorption cross section with ratiometric and non-ratiometric methods

Tay Ching En Marcus, Mohd Haniff Ibrahim and Nor Hafizah Ngajikin


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