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All-optical logic gates based on nonlinear dielectric films
Dzedolik I.V., Lapayeva S.N., Rubass A.F.

Taurida V. Vernadsky National University, 4 Vernadsky Ave., 95007 Simferopol, Ukraine

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We analyze interaction of two nonlinear waves in thin amorphous dielectric film with reflecting edges. All-optical logic gates “AND”, “OR” and “XOR”, which are based on the dielectric film and involve no semiconductor components, are simulated both analytically and numerically.

Keywords: non-linear wave, dielectric film, optical logic gate

PACS: 42.30.-d, 42.65.-k, 42.70.Nq
UDC : 535.4
Ukr. J. Phys. Opt. 9187-196 
doi: 10.3116/16091833/9/3/187/2008
Received: 15.04.2008

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